Johnnie Lou Getz YogaDance

YogaDance inspired by Wanda Gail Glisson Winget

Wendell Glisson

Wendell Alfred Glisson


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Events Schedule for 2008 and 2009

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Yoga Class in Fishkill, NY

Tuesday from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Class is full at this time .

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Yoga Class Schedule at

For yoga classes at Wellness Springs Holistic Spa and Yoga Center go to

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Vision and Life’s Mission

Owning the Future through Dreams and VisionVision and Intuition Chakra Photograph by Robert A Getz

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Dreams are born of hopes and desires while vision comes from foresight and passion. It is essential to have both because they work together in the manifestation of personal purpose and potential.

Vision and Intuition Chakra Photograph by Robert A Getz

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What is Kripalu YogaDance – formerly Kripalu Danskinetics?


Kripalu YogaDance ® is a yoga and dance based fitness experience that uses music and movement to bring you to life, elevate your heart rate, lower your inhibitions, and connect you to your body with joy and acceptance.  Let your soul soar to an electric mix  of music from around the world that simply begs your body to move from pulsating primal rhythms and funky, rocking beats to soothing, meditative flows. 

Move with the joy of a child, freed from worrying about “getting it right”, by tapping the body’s natural rhythms and responsiveness to music. There are no complicated steps to master, just movement to explore with the guidance of a  certified instructor in a safe and supportive environment. In no time at all, you’ll find yourself moving with more freedom and less self-consciousness. So much fun, you’ll forget you’re getting a workout. Each class ends with a deep and refreshing  period of relaxation. Fun, fitness, and stress relief- all rolled into one.

The regular practice of  YogaDance strengthens and tones the body, increasing vitality, stamina, and flexibility. It promotes self-revelation, deep relaxation, and the opportunity to consciously reconnect  body, mind and spirit. 

Movement of the chakras can open energy flows, create positive  thought patterns  and heal the inner self. 

 For scheduling YogaDance at your workshops and corporate events please contact Johnnie Lou Getz at Johnnie.Getz1@Verizon.Net   

Extend yourself and take a yogadance  class, course or workshop today


Johnnie Lou teaches regularly at retreats, workshops, fundraisers, corporate events and wellness faires. 

For YogaDance schedules in Hudson Valley, NY go to

Schedule for up coming yogadance classes:

2009 Yoga and YogaDance Workshops go to

June and July 08 – Mount Alvernia Retreat Center

September 08 – Spiritual Faire Supporting the Blind Foundation

  10/25/08 – Golds Gym in Lagrange, NY

 11/14/09 – Golds Gym in Fishkill, NY  

11/15/08 – Wellness Springs Holistic Day Spa in Highland Mills, NY 

12/13/08 Wellness Springs Open House – from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.. drop in for a few minutes of yoga/yogadnce or for a few hours.

For registration and more information contact Johnnie Lou Getz at Johnnie.Getz1@Verizon.Net


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Visioning Workshop


Visioning Workshop 


 with Reverend Naomi Fay,
Donna Brickwood & Johnnie Getz

How to create a vision board will be posted soon!

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The 1st Annual Holistic Healing Spiritual Faire

The 1st Annual Holistic Healing Spiritual Faire

To Benefit The Foundation Fighting Blindness

Johnnie Lou Getz hosting YogaDance, Yoga Workshop and all day long Yoga Scans! 

See url for schedule…….

Sunday September 14, 2008

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Yoga and the Brain

The ancient art of yoga can help heal stress and bring balance to life. Its effects on the body are proven, but it also effects the mind in ways experts still don’t understand.

Yoga poses that twist the spine may improve brain function.

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Cholesterol Tips



Products you might want to try for reducing cholesterol naturally:
*These items can be found in a health food store that sells organic products. The VITAMIN Shop near you will have better prices. If they don’t have the products they can order for you.  
*Bragg brand of organic Apple Cider Vinegar – two tablespoons in a glass of water twice daily (drink as slow or fast as you want –even sip it all day long) drink any time of day
*Red Yeast Rice Plus 600 milligrams – one caplet two times a day (preferably with food) – one in the am and one in the pm
*Carlson brand fish oil – one tablespoon a day (in water or in salad or on food or by itself)
        (see url below for foods to help reduce cholesterol and more on fish oil)
*Ground flaxseed….. you can add two tablespoons on any food…mix in oatmeal or whatever…you can buy it ground or buy it whole and grind in in a coffee grinder…….
Take a walk in nature…
New York Catskill Mountains Waterfalls

New York Catskill Mountains Waterfalls


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