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What are Chakra’s?

Chakra Photographs by Robert A Getz
Chakra Photographs by Robert A Getz

Chakra is the most common term for the energy centers that occur along the midline of the body, within the auric field. Sometimes visualized as spinning wheels or vortices of light and colour, chakras are centers of energy that relate to each of our body’s systems and organs. According to ancient vedic tradition, there are seven primary chakras, although modern healers and new age systems may discuss more or less than seven. Each chakra corresponds to a different area of the body and an aspect of the psyche. Physical and psychological problems are thought to show up in a person’s chakras and energy field long before symptoms are noticeable.

Chakras have no physical structure. They are part of the body’s subtle energy system and do not have a physical representation or a fixed location – they can shift around within the body. A chakra may relocate by several inches or more as a result of surgery, trauma, or mental or emotional abuse. It might simply be a difference in their “energy anatomy” that places the chakras in slightly different locations in different people. The usual locations are within the body, in a straight line which runs from the “root chakra,” at the base of the spine/between the legs, to the “crown chakra” at the top of your head.


The Chakras

The seven major chakras and correspondences

Chakra: Location:  Physical function: Color: Sephirah: Alchemical Metal: Planet: Metaphysical function:

Crown Head, brain, nervous system violet Kether Mercury (Quicksilver) Mercury Unity, divinity

Third eye/Brow Forehead, temples Indigo Binah Silver Moon Clairvoyance/ Clairaudience, integration of left/right brain

Throat Throat, neck, arms, hands Blue Netzach Copper Venus Expression/ Communication
Heart Heart, repiratory, and circulatory systems Green Tiphareth Gold Sun Love, self acceptance

Navel Liver, pancreas, digestive system Yellow Chesed Tin Jupiter Relationships, connections, trust

Abdomen Genitals, urinary tract, reproductive system center of gravity Orange Geburah Iron Mars Creativity, sexual identity, Balance

Perineum Elimination, excretory functions Red Malkuth Lead Saturn Grounding, seat of Kundalini



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