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What is Reiki






Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Force Energy”. A Reiki treatment is a simple hands-on relaxation therapy that helps to balance the mind, body and spirit.  Through the use of soothing hands laid on or above a person’s chakras or energy centers, the physical body is able to relax and de-stress which, in turn, allows the mind and the emotions to calm as well.


There are seven main energy centers located throughout the body.  These centers called chakras (a Sanskrit word meaning wheel) are aligned with the body’s major organs and endocrine glands.  Ideally, these chakras are balanced and functioning at an optimal level allowing us to feel relaxed, healthy and happy.  However, as we experience life’s inevitable stresses, our body stores our reactions to these daily events and, unless we find ways to release this negative energy, we eventually succumb to anxiety and/or illness.


Reiki is one of the ways we can release pent-up negative energy and bring our chakras back into balance. Reiki is a gift you give yourself to promote health and well-being.


Reiki can be sent over a long distance. You can request a Reiki treatment by e-mail. Experience the wonderful balance and relaxation that comes with aDistance Reiki session today!




September 19, 2008 - Posted by | Reiki

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